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  •  Financial Aid

Here at Health-Tech Institute of Memphis we understand financing an education is big concern for many people and families.  We work personally with each student to find their best funding option.


The cost of tuition for all programs is 13,542.00. The breakdown of the books,supplies,and testing fees is further detailed in the Student Handbook.

HTIM participates in the following financial aid programs:

State Aid Programs

     The Workforce Midsouth (WIOA) provides tuition assistance to individuals who have financial need.

    Eligibility requirements:

    • Must attend Orientation
    • Must provide Driver's License or Photo ID
    • Social Security Card
    • Birth Certificate or ( U.S Passport, Voter Registration card, Public Assistance Records)
    • Proof of Income (Check Stub)
    • Proof of Government Assistance (SSI, SNAP, TANF)
    • Proof of Address
    • Proof of Education (High School Diploma, GED, College Transcripts)
    • Updated Resume
    • Satisfactory scores on TABE test or CRC

    The SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) can help SNAP participants gain skills, training, or work experience to increase their ability to obtain regular employment that leads to economic self-sufficiency.

    If you are currently receiving SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits, you can qualify for training dollars to attend HTIM.  Please fill out SNAP Participant Form to start your process for funding. 

    Eligibility requirements:

    • Must be receiving SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits
    • Participant cannot be receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)


    The Mardis Competitive Scholarship Waiver is funded by Health-Tech Institute of Memphis and is tuition-only scholarship.  Books, supplies, and fees are not covered by the scholarship and the amounts vary depending on student need and qualifications.

    Scholarship and waiver funds are coordinated by the Department of Financial Aid to attract high-ability students, to add to the diversity of the student population, and to remove financial barriers to maintain access for all qualified students.

    Students may receive this waiver at the discretion of the institution and in compliance with institutional authorizing bodies.  Scholarships and waivers may be reduced or canceled if it is determined that the student is over-awarded  or over budget.  The Mardis Competitive Scholarship waiver is applied to the student's account ledger  after all external funding (Pell Grant, TSAC, Direct Loans, tuition and fee waivers, fellowships and assistantships, VA educational benefits, employer tuition reimbursement, external scholarships, other grants, etc.) is applied to the student Financial Aid package and student  still has a financial need for tuition.

    Eligibility Requirements: 

    • Student must meet all institutional enrollment requirements including passing enrollment assessment.
    • Student must have financial need.  Financial need is defined as cost of attendance minus expected family contribution.
    • Student financial need cannot exceed cost of attendance.

    New Financing Option Available to Students at Health-Tech Institute of Memphis

    Students enrolled at Health-Tech Institute of Memphis who need tuition or financial assistance will now have access to an innovative new financing option to pay for their courses, thanks to our partnership with Meritize platform.

    The new financing option will help students finance their careers in the healthcare and business sectors.

    Unlike traditional lenders that rely solely on FICO scores, and other financial records to determine whether to lend to an individual, the Meritize platform considers the full depth of an individual's academic or military achievements to enhance credit evaluation and potentially improve loan options.  

    Because the new financing option considers previous academic or military experiences, merit-based funding may provide a significant source of financial and credit assistance for students who self-financing their Diploma/Certifications.  

    Contact Jennyfer Henderson at for more information about this financing.

    * HTIM does not endorse a particular lender, nor is it affiliated with Meritize Financial, Inc.("Meritize")or the Meritize Platform.

    Meritize Lending, LLC, NMLS ID 1661035 (NMLS Consumer Access

    Meritize Financial, Inc. NMLS ID 1986399 (NMLS Consumer Access

    Terms and conditions apply.  Mertize branded loan products are educational loans issued by Meritize Lending, LLC. Meritize reserves the right to modify or discontinue products and benefits at any time without notice.  To qualify, a borrower must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or hold an Employment Authorization document and meet Meritze's underwriting requirements. If approved for a loan the actual loan amount, term, payment, and APR amount of the loan that a customer qualifies for may vary based on credit determination, state law and other factors.  Meritize does not warrant or guarantee any claims made herein, including, but not limited to, gaining admission to a program, concerning the quality or financial strength of any educational institution, securing funding or obtaining employment. Our final loan offer may differ as a result of the school chosen and the associated cost of tuition. Not all schools are eligible for funding.  Meritize does not offer educational loans in the following states: IA, IN, KY, ME, MI, ND, NV, SD, VT, WI,WV, WY, PR.  All rights reserved.

    ** For residents of SC, loan is made by Meritze Financial, INC.  

    Application Checklist

    Having these documents prior to starting will help you complete your Meritize Loan Application quickly.

    Personal Information

    • Email Address
    • Phone Number (where you want to be reached)
    • Permanent mailing address that can be verified with proper documentation (Utility bill, leasing agreement)
    • Social Security Number

    School and Program

    • Name of School and program you will attend
    • Start and End date

    Co-borrower Information

    • Email Address
    • Phone Number (where you want to be reached)
    • Permanent mailing address that can verified with proper documentation (Utility bill, leasing agreement)
    • Household income (approximate)
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security Card

    Academic Experience

    • Highest level of education completed
    • Name of college or high school
    • Graduation date
    • Official or unofficial high school or college transcript
    • HSE certification (GED, TASC, HISET)

    Military Experience

    • A copy of your DD214

    To apply for financing for the Health Information Management program: Apply Now!

    To apply for financing for the Medical Assistant program: Apply Now!

    To apply for financing for the Patient Care Technician program: Apply Now!

    To apply for financing for the Office Administration program: Apply Now!

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